Friday, April 30, 2010

where are my brothers?

Remember Scherbatsky, this bird we love?! And remember her nest? Well we have an update. The nest is down to two :( We came home yesterday to find no mama bird in sight and only 2 eggs in the nest. She came back but was very easily scared away. She used to sit in her nest staring at us while we walked in and out of the house and even took pictures of her. Something must have snatched 2 of the eggs and completely scared her. Now she scares away so easily, we can only see her from the window inside the house. I really hope whatever it was doesn't come back and those 2 little eggs will hatch soon! The boyf and I are REALLY getting attached to this little bird. We checked on her every 5 minutes last night to make sure she came back to the nest. And we even watched her fly into and make her little butt comfortable on those eggs, it was precious!  
Stay warm and be safe, little eggies!

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