Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Every woman should...

Every Woman Should...

know how to use a stick shift;
a plunger;
understand the difference between
don't tell a soul and
don't tell a soul I mean it;
know her mind; change it;
have protection handy;
but not too handy;
use special china;
and special underwear
for no special reason;
over commit; come through;
refuse to do it again; do it again;
be able to discuss first and ten;
have better things to do;
set boundaries; go camping;
grow something; dance crazy all alone;
stare at a phone;
get dressed in five minutes;
be a princess, get over it;
believe in the perfect man,
get over it; read; walk; flirt;
shock; listen; sing; thank God;
be single and like it- a lot;
raise a child- or not;
see a wrinkle and be reminded
of her youth; not her age.

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