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Snow weekend!!

So last week we had the 6th greatest snowfall in DC history! It was recorded that 16.3 inches fell at Reagan National Airport but in Virginia, we got more like 18-20 inches! I was super excited before-hand and invited over some friends for a snow weekend!! We got snowed in our house with 8 friends and had a blast!

The weekend consisted of movies, wii, playing in the snow, and a fair amount of beer pong/civil war. One source claims we sounded like "a bunch of teenagers practicing for a football scrimmage." haha it was an awesome weekend. We also had a beer scavenger hunt. Dave hid beers in the backyard while it was snowing, and we went looking for them on Saturday morning when they were fully covered. It was a lot harder than you would expect!

We had a makeshift beer cooler, and Mrs. Potato Head made another appearance!

We had stocked the fridge with frozen pizzas, pierogies, taquitos, a pound of turkey and made a huge bowl of macaroni and cheese. It's hard feeding 8 people! We ran out of food right when we could finally venture out of the house.
Good times were had by all!

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Almost Christmas!

It's almost Christmas! Hope you are spending quality time with family and friends! I am truly thankful for how fortunate I am. I enjoy sharing my life and love with those around me. 

Christmas Eve!


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Friday, December 18, 2009

best birthday present ever

So this birthday, even though I don't have a Wii, I had my boyfriend buy me the new Mario for Wii and we borrow his roomates to play. It has brought us hours of fun!! I highly recommend it. 

You go through the levels like the old school Marios with up to 4 players at the same time! It's hilarious because you can jump on each other's heads to get higher (Toad is the best for that, he is very springy), but you can also accidentally  (or on purpose) jump on someone's head mid-air to send them shooting down into the lava. The great thing is, as long as one person stays alive, you can die as much as you want! You come back in a bubble and rejoin your teammates. We've also made it a common practice, that if someone beats a hard part, we just bubble over to them safely. If you die 5 times, you get a game over, but they are unlimited (luckily for Steve) as long as not everyone gets them at the same time. It's hilarious watching everyone's playing styles. Boyfriend is completely reckless, racking up 58+ game overs, Sister is in the middle sprinting ahead, but good at hitting the brakes when obstacles arise. And I hold up the rear, playing cautiously and being the "anchor" so when they die, they come floating back to me.... except when there is a penguin suit involved, then I go all out. I love that little guy. Super cute penguin that throws snowballs, who can resist?! Another funny part is fighting over mushrooms, flowers, penguin suits, yoshi, etc. We all call "Mine" and recklessly dash for them. We have yet to play with 4 people, as we are lacking a controller (hint, hint, SANTA). Here are some action shots:

haha love it! :)


It's FINALLY here!!! I started my day off with a delicious campfire mocha from Caribou Coffee. That's obviously not a picture of it, but it does look yummy. I'm excited for Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, and relaxing with new movies and the boyfriend. Hope your weekend is great too! 

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making a list, checking it twice

How adorable is this?! 

Love it. Find more here

Things that make me happy!

Wooo, my first blog award!!! Thanks Jenna for sharing this with me!! Your blog def makes me happy. 
So here are 10 things that make me happy:

1) Christmas music, and everything about the holiday season!
2) My blog! I could search all day every day (and I do) for cute pictures/ideas to post!
3) My friends. I love them so much, couldn't ask for a better group of friends!
4) My boyfriend. He makes me very happy
5) My family! They seriously are the best, having a twin really is a lot of fun! (you can be jealous, haha)
6) 2 three- day weekends coming up!! 
7) My new hobby of actually decorating cupcakes instead of just looking at pictures in awe. 
8) Good health. For me and everyone around me. 
9) Photoshop on my work computer! All day every dayyyy. :) 
10) Mario for Wii (post to come shortly) haha

And now I am passing the award onto people who make me happy. 
A. Martina- she recently started her blog about her obsession with cupcakes (yes, she is more obsessed than I am). Hopefully this award will motivate her to post more often! 
B. Alex- I just re-discovered his blog today only to find he has links to mine, and is freaking hilarious!! He is holding down 503 like a champ. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bachelorette Party!

So my friend Jessi is the first of my good friends to be getting married. We had her bachelorette party this weekend in Atlantic City. This is the first of many to come, but I'd say we did a pretty fabulous job!! Em and I made cups and shot glasses for everyone: 

We had quite the spread, and dressed up our bride-to-be all cute!

And went out for a night on the town in Atlantic City. We had a lot of fun!!

National Cupcake Day!! (belated)

Oops, so National Cupcake Day was yesterday, December 15th! But I'll still celebrate my favorite little treat!!! 

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Reasons why I love the holidays!

#6: Getting together with old friends
Last night we got together with "The Ten", our group of 10 friends from high school for a nice little potluck/ gift exchange. We are pretty lucky that all of us are still living in the area and could make it out last night. 3 of the girls just moved in together, so it was the perfect place to have the party. We went around in a circle explaining what is new in our lives (which ultimately took about 3 hours), and then exchanged the gift we brought, "Ten's favorite things". 

I attempted and pretty much failed at making cupcakes. I made eggnog cupcakes (which actually were pretty tasty), with a butter glaze (looks good, but soaked all the way into the cupcakes, and resulted in a gooey cupcake with a think layer of butter on top). I attempted to make royal icing snowflakes, but the icing was too runny so the snowflakes looked like blobs. So I made due with white icing and sprinkles, and here are the (measly) results:

oh well, practice makes perfect! Here are some other treats we had:

Steph put up these super cute ornaments. I am def stealing this idea! Maybe adding some lights or ribbons around the outside?

I think the real success of the evening is that 10 girls who graduated from high school 6 years ago, all get together every year to catch up. We are truly lucky :)

PS this picture broke my new camera, and it STILL came out a little blurry! NOT cool. 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reasons why I love the holidays!

#5: Inflatable Decorations!!
This may be the kid in me coming out, but I absolutely LOVE blow-up Christmas decorations! They make me so happy! I love driving around the neighborhood and seeing them. There is a huge penguin (which I couldn't find a picture of) on my way home from work. I can't help but scream "BIG PENGUIN" and smile all the way home. 

This big santa comes a close second to the penguin. If I saw this in real life, I would have the hardest time not stealing it. Anyone know where I can purchase one?!?! Here are a few non-traditional blow-ups that are amusing:

And that reminds me.. these blow up decorations are gaining popularity. They aren't just for Christmas anymore! They have them for Halloween:

And Thanksgiving: 

Which is an obvious favorite because it doubles as a Hokie for VT games!! :) 

oh how I love them...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reasons why I love the holidays!

#4: Christmas Music!!
It's finally acceptable to listen to Christmas music 24/7! (Even though it plays on my regular Pandora station year-round). It makes me so happy!!! Here are a few of my all-time favorites:
a) Feliz Navidad- Celine Dion 
         I'm obsessed with Feliz Navidad, and Celine rocks it. I make it my ringtone the day after Thanksgiving every year. 
b) Where are you Christmas- Faith Hill
c) All I want for Christmas is You- Mariah Carey [everyone's favorite]
d) Michael Buble- Grown Up Christmas List
e) N*sync- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

They say it's your birthday...

And here are precious pictures I received from Madeleine:

Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

So tomorrow is my real birthday but we celebrated on Saturday. It's my best friend Emily's birthday as well so we rented out the kegbus:

With 28 of our bestest friends to take us to the dueling piano bar at the National Harbor! Everyone had an awesome time!! Of course we got pulled on stage multiple times to celebrate our birthday. Including doing the hokie pokie with all the other birthday patrons! And they didn't even know we were hokies! 

PS please notice Madeleine creeping in both pictures of the birthday girls above! And she wonders why she took a cab home by herself, haha oh man I LOVE that girl! 
...Then we all went next door and rode the bull! 

So it was a super fun night. We got some great presents too! One of my best friends Meesh couldn't make it so she ordered us happy birthday pizzas! Isn't that so sweet?

And remember Mrs. Potato Head? Our roomate's boyfriend, Dave made us a Mrs. Potato Head snowman!! Isn't she adorable with all her accessories? Such a great present!

Thanks friends for making it an awesome 24th birthday!! 

Reasons why I love the holidays!

#2: SNOW! 
So Saturday was the earliest snowfall in our area since 1997! Waking up to huge snowflakes made me super happy. I danced around all morning chanting "Snow on my birthday party!!" since we decided to celebrate our birthday that night. Every kid in the neighborhood made a snowman, and I can only imagine the amount of joy it brought them to have a snow day! (It would have been nice to have a weekday snow day, we'll hope for that next!)

Which also brings up another thing I love about the holidays:

#3: Snowflake decorations
Everything is so festive and Christmasy. I love it! 

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Journal

Isn't this adorable?! It's from 2006, but is so cute! Find more here!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reasons why I love the holidays!

#1: Peppermint!! 
My favorite flavor ever comes into style around the holidays! Everything is mint flavored, and I love it!! 

And we can't forget cookies, cupcakes, bars, all kinds of peppermint desserts!! 

There are also other fun holiday flavors: Eggnog, Gingerbread...  but those just don't do it for me like mint does. Enjoy!