Friday, December 11, 2009

Reasons why I love the holidays!

#6: Getting together with old friends
Last night we got together with "The Ten", our group of 10 friends from high school for a nice little potluck/ gift exchange. We are pretty lucky that all of us are still living in the area and could make it out last night. 3 of the girls just moved in together, so it was the perfect place to have the party. We went around in a circle explaining what is new in our lives (which ultimately took about 3 hours), and then exchanged the gift we brought, "Ten's favorite things". 

I attempted and pretty much failed at making cupcakes. I made eggnog cupcakes (which actually were pretty tasty), with a butter glaze (looks good, but soaked all the way into the cupcakes, and resulted in a gooey cupcake with a think layer of butter on top). I attempted to make royal icing snowflakes, but the icing was too runny so the snowflakes looked like blobs. So I made due with white icing and sprinkles, and here are the (measly) results:

oh well, practice makes perfect! Here are some other treats we had:

Steph put up these super cute ornaments. I am def stealing this idea! Maybe adding some lights or ribbons around the outside?

I think the real success of the evening is that 10 girls who graduated from high school 6 years ago, all get together every year to catch up. We are truly lucky :)

PS this picture broke my new camera, and it STILL came out a little blurry! NOT cool. 

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