Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

So tomorrow is my real birthday but we celebrated on Saturday. It's my best friend Emily's birthday as well so we rented out the kegbus:

With 28 of our bestest friends to take us to the dueling piano bar at the National Harbor! Everyone had an awesome time!! Of course we got pulled on stage multiple times to celebrate our birthday. Including doing the hokie pokie with all the other birthday patrons! And they didn't even know we were hokies! 

PS please notice Madeleine creeping in both pictures of the birthday girls above! And she wonders why she took a cab home by herself, haha oh man I LOVE that girl! 
...Then we all went next door and rode the bull! 

So it was a super fun night. We got some great presents too! One of my best friends Meesh couldn't make it so she ordered us happy birthday pizzas! Isn't that so sweet?

And remember Mrs. Potato Head? Our roomate's boyfriend, Dave made us a Mrs. Potato Head snowman!! Isn't she adorable with all her accessories? Such a great present!

Thanks friends for making it an awesome 24th birthday!! 

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  1. happy birthday! one day early!! loovee your dress. those pizzas remind me of big/lil rev and our SK pizzas!