Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow weekend!!

So last week we had the 6th greatest snowfall in DC history! It was recorded that 16.3 inches fell at Reagan National Airport but in Virginia, we got more like 18-20 inches! I was super excited before-hand and invited over some friends for a snow weekend!! We got snowed in our house with 8 friends and had a blast!

The weekend consisted of movies, wii, playing in the snow, and a fair amount of beer pong/civil war. One source claims we sounded like "a bunch of teenagers practicing for a football scrimmage." haha it was an awesome weekend. We also had a beer scavenger hunt. Dave hid beers in the backyard while it was snowing, and we went looking for them on Saturday morning when they were fully covered. It was a lot harder than you would expect!

We had a makeshift beer cooler, and Mrs. Potato Head made another appearance!

We had stocked the fridge with frozen pizzas, pierogies, taquitos, a pound of turkey and made a huge bowl of macaroni and cheese. It's hard feeding 8 people! We ran out of food right when we could finally venture out of the house.
Good times were had by all!

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