Friday, December 18, 2009

best birthday present ever

So this birthday, even though I don't have a Wii, I had my boyfriend buy me the new Mario for Wii and we borrow his roomates to play. It has brought us hours of fun!! I highly recommend it. 

You go through the levels like the old school Marios with up to 4 players at the same time! It's hilarious because you can jump on each other's heads to get higher (Toad is the best for that, he is very springy), but you can also accidentally  (or on purpose) jump on someone's head mid-air to send them shooting down into the lava. The great thing is, as long as one person stays alive, you can die as much as you want! You come back in a bubble and rejoin your teammates. We've also made it a common practice, that if someone beats a hard part, we just bubble over to them safely. If you die 5 times, you get a game over, but they are unlimited (luckily for Steve) as long as not everyone gets them at the same time. It's hilarious watching everyone's playing styles. Boyfriend is completely reckless, racking up 58+ game overs, Sister is in the middle sprinting ahead, but good at hitting the brakes when obstacles arise. And I hold up the rear, playing cautiously and being the "anchor" so when they die, they come floating back to me.... except when there is a penguin suit involved, then I go all out. I love that little guy. Super cute penguin that throws snowballs, who can resist?! Another funny part is fighting over mushrooms, flowers, penguin suits, yoshi, etc. We all call "Mine" and recklessly dash for them. We have yet to play with 4 people, as we are lacking a controller (hint, hint, SANTA). Here are some action shots:

haha love it! :)


  1. ahahahahahahahaha omg i want it! can i be the 4th player? i just got my parents Wii for Christmas - i can steal one of their controllers!

  2. Are you good? We need legit players here, haha we aren't messing around.