Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So my first property audit in Chicago went really well! It was so much fun. There were 6 from the team, and the DOF and ADOF were hilarious from the property. We ate SO much delicious food, it was seriously ridiculous. My cheeks hurt every night from laughing so hard. Here are some highlights from the trip. 
Deep Dish Pizza (mushrooms, onions and green olives= amazing combination) from Giordano's
Lots of great meat and free desserts (cheesecake, Reese's pie, cherry cobbler, banana goodness) at Mike Ditka's restaurant (coach of DA bears). 
312 (pronounced: three one two), my new favorite beer, some great looking fish, and more free desserts (Mounds bar, raspberry cheesecake, key lime meringue, apple cobbler, chocolate cake) at Reel Club

So apparently I will be gaining weight on all my property audits! The food was all delicious. I'm seriously obsessed with this place- Labriola Bakery. It was like Corner Bakery but with amazingly fresh ingredients (bread, homemade fries and chips). I wish someone would open one in DC! I could have eaten there every single day.

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