Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pizza cookies - delivery!

A couple weeks ago, i am baker decided she wanted to give away 10 dozen cookies to families or individuals who could use a little pick-me-up. She opened up her blog to nominees, and received over 165! The entries were all heartfelt and some tear-jerking. 

From Lora
I would nominate a family in our church whose 5 year old son, Owen, is battling leukemia. It's been a long road for them (since August) and they could definitely use a pick me up! They also have 3 other children under the age of 10 (Owen is 5)
From Joanna

From Joy
I would love to send some cookies to my daughter's boyfriend when he returns (safe and sound!) from a year on the front line in Afghanistan. We are grateful for his service and what better way to show it than with cookies!
From Shannon

Read more in her post
She just couldn't narrow the nominees down so decided to ask for volunteers. Bakers would be matched up with a nominee and send them cookies . Which is where Kelly and I came in! We decided to sign up because how hard is baking cookies, when it would go to someone in need? 

So here was the nominee we got paired up with:
"This is so sweet of you! If I won these cookies I would send them to my Dad. My dad works in the flooring industry he is self taught in the trade and works very hard. He is now the head of a flooring company and his job is very stressful because simple mistakes cost lots of money to fix. He has had a lot of health problems due to the stress of working this job. He would like to quit his job but is waiting until after I get married in October so he can help pay for some of the wedding. After October he is planning on switching from his flooring job to making brick fire oven pizza. (It's amazingly good!) Right now my dad is having a hard time because a few people in our extended family do not support his idea of switching careers, and they tell him quite often. I would like to send him some "pizza" cookies just to let him know that I support him and to give him some encouragement." - Jaclyn

"Pizza" cookies aren't really in our usual repertoire of baked goods, but we decided we'd give it a try. And I'm really happy/excited with how they turned out!! 

These pizza cookies stretched our baking skills, and were a lot of fun to make! We packaged them up in pizza boxes, and sent them on their way! Hopefully to put a smile on someone's face! Oh, and we included this with a little handwritten note on the back:
Found: flickr
Sugar cookie recipe: from i am baker
Royal icing recipe: Annie's Eats


  1. ADORABLE!!! LOVE the way you packaged them!

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! You guys did beautifully!! I am SO, so impressed!! Thank you so much for your generous time and effort and EXTRA attention to detail. Just gorgeous!!! :)


  3. Those are so cute!! Such a sweet story :)