Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lebanese Taverna cooking class

A couple weeks ago, the girls and I went to a cooking class at Lebanese Taverna. They have a little market in Arlington and the cooking classes are in the basement. We were semi-disappointed when we arrived, because it wasn't a hands-on cooking class. The executive chef cooked all the food while we sat and watched. We attended the class in February, and luckily for one of my girlfriends, it was the vegetarian class. I didn't take home the recipes, but I do have pictures of the dishes we made! 
House salad with House Dressing 
Famous Garlic Sauce- Seriously, this is AMAZING. The #1 reason why people go to Lebanese Taverna. It tasted great on everything, even the salad! YUM. 
Grape Leaves Warak Jnab with rice, chickpeas, tomatoes, mint, parsley-
I don't really like grape leaves, but it was fun to see the chef roll them!
Some kind of rice. (haha, don't see it on the menu!). This was kind of bland, but tasted great drenched in garlic sauce! 
Also have no idea what the name of this was (Sorry!). But the chef made his own cheese, then filled it with custard and drenched it in rose water syrup and topped with pistachios. The rose water flavor was really strong, and not my favorite. But the cheese tasted great, and it was really fun watching him make it! 

Altogether, I wouldn't recommend the cooking classes, but it's definitely made me want to go to the restaurant for dinner!! You probably should too. 

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