Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Best Thing I Ever Ate: Shake Shack

Shake Shack
Multiple locations in NYC

I heard about this place from 2 friends, one of whom lived in New York City for 5 years. So we made it a point to make it here for a meal. The menu is fairly simple: burgers, hot dogs, fries, frozen custard and milkshakes. We got a burger, fries, and a strawberry milkshake. It was really delicious! 
The burger was a manageable size, which I loved. The pickles were extremely seasoned, which were a little strong by themselves, but took the burger to a whole new level. The crinkle fries were really fun and crispy. And the strawberry milkshake was really creamy and delicious. The place gets really crowded so looking for a table could be difficult if you have a larger group. But the atmosphere is fun. Upon further review of the menu, we spotted the "Great White Way" concrete with vanilla custard, marshmallow sauce, and crispy crunchies and might have ordered it later if we weren't stuffed. There is also a "Preztel! Concrete" with chocolate custard, peanut butter sauce, chocolate covered pretzels, and marshmallow sauce. YUM! Definitely getting one of those next time. But I would highly recommend stopping by this place for a great burger and shake! 
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