Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best Thing I Ever Ate : Intro

My sister works in catering, and everyone always asks her which restaurants to go to, and what she recommends. She has agreed to do a little guest blogging! I've named it:
So here she is:
"The DC area has SO many good restaurants, it's impossible to try them all... but that won't stop me from trying! From amazing celeb chefs, local favorites, ethnic cuisines, and neighborhood gems, there are great options for everyone!

When I started working in the F&B industry, I was drawn into the world of hot new restaurants, fine wines, innovative cocktails, and amazing food! As soon as I crossed a couple off my list, I would find more to add to my want-to-try list. In an attempt to find "The Best Thing I ever ate... 20 something edition", I try to schedule a new restaurant once a week. So stayed tuned for my guest blog spot on great restaurants around the area."

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