Thursday, December 9, 2010

Asian Kitchen : Best Thing I Ever Ate

Here is my sisters first segment of:
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Asian Kitchen
This is one of Michelle's favorites and was a suggestion from her. It is a new restaurant in Arlington off 29 by the Harris Teeter which serves chinese+ japanese + sushi. The building used to be a pizza hut, the recognizable roof fits right in with the asian decor. Made me feel like I was at my grandma's house or China Garden(our favorite place for dim sum). The service is good, sushi is delicious, prices are reasonable, with tons of special rolls that you won't find anywhere else. We shared the:
*Taiko: crunchy scallops, masago with japanese mayonnaise, topped with spicy tuna
*Yami Yami: tempura shrimp, masago, avacado crabstick, cream cheese, and cucumber roll. Then the whole thing is deep fried!
*Hairy Mexican: fried shrimp, avacado, spicy sauce, topped with crabstick
*NY Yankee & Alvin: (specials - not listed online)

They were all super delicious and I highly recommend trying this sushi place!

PS, I went to Asian Kitchen last night for my birthday dinner! I love the sushi so much, we pretty much go every Friday night. And they gave me a dessert called Moshi? I could pick from a couple different flavors, and chose Strawberry. It was rice paper around strawberry ice cream. It was really delicious!! 
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