Thursday, June 3, 2010

mall of america

Well I'm back from Minnesota. It was a great trip! The roller coasters at the Mall of America were awesome! We went the day we fly in and out! I accidentally forgot my camera on the trip (ugh), so I will have to take pics on my next trip in August. 
They have a couple really awesome rides, including the log flume, a roller coaster (above) that goes straight up and down, and a roller coaster that spins around the whole time (below).
They also have this really fun ropes course! It goes up 4 stories to the ceiling. You are strapped in and have to walk across various ropes/planks. It was SO fun!!
The rest of the trip to the lake was great! The lake is beautiful with oligotrophic water which means its super clean and you can see through it to the very bottom! It was cloudy a lot, but we got out on the water to do some waterskiing and surfing behind the boat! It was fun "camping out" at the new lake house that is in the middle of being built. We had a great time with the boyf's parents and I can't wait to go again in August!!

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