Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone 4G

My old, decrepit Blackberry Pearl was completely outdated and functioning poorly, so I decided I needed a new phone. That day just happened to be the day before they announced the new iPhone. So while I was in Europe, the boyf kindly pre-ordered me the new one, and it arrived last night! A whole night before the iPhone 4 was out in stores! So I downloaded all the fun apps, and it's been really fun! The screen looks SO much better than the old one, the camera has a flash and zoom, there is an HD video-recorder and the battery is supposed to last a lot longer. All great features! I'm completely happy with my new phone! Now I just need a case so I stop carrying it around in the original box in fear that I will scratch it. I'm sure I will get used to it in a couple days, but for now, it's precious cargo. 

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