Tuesday, June 29, 2010

iPhone games

So I'm already obsessed with 2 games on my iPhone.
1) Angry Birds - You fling birds at pigs who are hiding in an infrastructure of ice, wood, and stone. There are birds that multiply, bomb birds, birds that speed up, and ones that lay eggs. It's so much fun, and for only $0.99 you get a ton of levels that are really hard!

2) Godfinger- This game you have your own planet and you control followers. The followers work on farms for gold, and then they need places to relax. You control the sun, clouds and lightning to keep your followers happy. You can also connect with friends (annoying feature to get more business). Apparently it's like FarmVille, but I've never played so I wouldn't know. The downside is that you can never stop the world, so it sends you updates all day that things are going on. I finally made all my followers resting in a teepee or fishing so nothing goes on while I'm at work. haha I sound a little obsessed, but it's super fun!

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