Friday, March 12, 2010

weekend flashback

A high school teacher used to say this to his class every Friday:

"As you know, it is Friday. There is a weekend between now and the next time I see you. You know this makes me very... concerned. So, please, this weekend, make good decisions. Don't do anything that would result in the premature death or injury of you or anyone you know or love. Please do not drink (Well, we're legal now.) Please do not do drugs. Please do not have sex. Please do not drink and drive, please do not to drugs and drive, please do not have sex and drive. Please do not ride with anyone who has been doing any of these things. Please do not have beer or caffeine. Please do not get pierced or tattooed. Please do not have any tobacco products, and please keep your seatbelt securely fastened. Please have a lovely weekend."

It's Friday and I'm excited for the weekend! I haven't had a weekend off work in awhile! Have fun celebrating St. Patricks Day!!  

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