Monday, March 15, 2010

two peas in a pod.. reunited

When we were little, my sis and I had these stuffed peas that velcro-ed into a pea pod. Because, as twins, we were always "two peas in a pod". Andrea's had blue shoes and mine had pink shoes. We took them with us everywhere, until sadly, one day I lost mine. Fast-forward to 2007 when an unfortunate accident occurs and my parent's house burns down. It was devastating and my dad was in the hospital for awhile. (Luckily he is completely ok now after multiple skin grafts.) So Andrea, my mom, and I were solemnly looking through the soaking wet wreckage for anything salvagable, and we all knew we had to start in Andrea's room to look for Pea. For some reason, I think to lift her bedskirt and see poor little Pea laying face-down under the bed. We all burst into tears, not knowing how the heck it got thrown from her nightstand under her bed. 
Here is the before and after picture. He survived!!
My mom had no idea where she got them in the first place, but we have been searching for replacements ever since. We got a brilliant idea one day when we stumbled across these peas on Etsy from greenpeastudio:
We put a custom order on Etsy with pictures asking if anyone could make them for us. We were ecstatic when we got 4 or 5 "bids" from people who were willing to make peas for us. We narrowed the offers down and finally decided on Rita from Mochi Studios because this octopus was similar. 
And here are the final results! See her adorable post here

We were more than thrilled! They are almost perfect in every way! More than we could ask for. But the one thing that was different were the eyes were a little too big and spaced apart. So we took them into surgery...
And here is the end result!!
We finally gave them to my mom last night, and she loved them!!
We love them so much. Thanks again, Rita!!


  1. hello! i'm a follower of mochi studio's blog and i thought that this was the sweetest story. the peas are adorable and i love the last picture with your mom holding the little family :)