Friday, January 8, 2010

read or watch first?

So I stumbled across this picture of the main characters of Harry Potter. I was/am beyond obsessed with the books. 

My how they have grown:

haha which led me to wonder, when it comes to books made into movies, is it better to read the book first or watch the movie first? With Harry Potter and Twilight (my ultimate favs), obviously the books are WAY better than the movies. With the exception of New Moon, I have been highly dissapointed in all of the movies after I read the books. I recently saw My Sister's Keeper and loved it! I immediately bought the book. I can only imagine I'll like the book more than the movie. Mostly because I liked all of the actors, so I'm ok with having them in my imagination as the characters. 

 I also bought the book The Lovely Bones, which is to be released January 15! AH!!! I'm only about 40 pages in, should I finish the book then see the movie? or see the movie then read the book?!


  1. definitely finsih the book and then see the movie! I read Lovely Bones about a year ago and can't wait for the movie! With the first 2 Harry Potter movies I saw the movies and then decided to read the books and it made the books seem really long and kind of hard to get through because I already knew how it was going to end, so I ended up reading all of the books first and then seeing the movies haha.

  2. i have not read lovely bones, but i saw the preview & it looks awesome. maybe it was just mark wahlberg though haha!