Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas traditions

I know it's a little late, but there was a slight misplacement of my camera, so here is my Christmas post! better late than never?!

So, every year since my dad's parents (Grammy and Grampy) moved down from New Hampshire, we go over to their house for a small family gathering on Christmas Eve. We eat pizza, play Acquire (a board game similar to risk where you trade/sell stock in hotels), and exchange gifts. This year as I was looking at their tree, I realized how special her ornaments are (they are there every single year, but this year I asked about them). She made them with bread dough, many hours, a lot of love, and multiple coats of varnish. They are adorable!

And that is the Italian side of the family. For the Chinese side of the fam, we go over for Christmas day with Puups and Gonks (chinese for grandma and grandpa), their 4 children + spouses and 6 grandkids. We get red packages (a chinese tradition) with money, go through lots of presents for the kids, and make gingerbread houses. 

The white rabbit candy used to be our favorite! This year our dreams were shattered when we found out it was taken off shelves in 2007 because it had formaldehyde in it. So sad!!  Welp, that was my Christmas. Hope everyone's was filled with love!