Thursday, January 21, 2010

don't judge a book by its movie

In addendum to my previous post read or watch first, there are 2 more movies coming out soon and I would like to finish the books before. Both are by Nicholas Sparks, most famously known for the Notebook. Now that book was a tear-jerker. I didn't cry when I saw the movie as it didn't even come close to conveying the amount of emotion I felt when reading the book a couple years earlier. I love all of his books. 

1. Dear John - comes out February 5th with Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfriend (from Mamma Mia)

2. The Last Song- comes out April 2nd with Miley Cyrus. Apparently Nicolas Sparks wrote the book with Miley in mind. Crazy! 

Can't wait to read/see them both! 

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