Monday, February 1, 2010

let it snow

This weekend was a little rough. Attempted to come into work at 10 on Saturday, chickened out after seeing a flipped car, stopped for coffee on the way home, my car got towed in the 5 minutes i was "off the property", waited for an hour for the boyf to pick me up, drove up to rockville, $140 later, got my car, drove a stressful hour home and witnessed 2 cars slamming into the guardrail right next to me. 

But there were a lot of positives about this weekend as well. Didn't have to work due to the stressful events, got a campfire mocha (culprit of car towing, but decided it was worth it), went to b-dubs in rockville (since we were there!), bought band hero and jammed out with about 10 friends on Friday night. Discovered the best lasagna I've ever had! Recipe to come soon. Got really good at the drums in our band hero group. And then watched a Lost marathon all day Sunday. So altogether it was an adventure of a weekend. 

What's up with all this snow? Don't get me wrong, I love it! But this is crazy for DC. 

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