Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A to Z of thankfulness

This holiday season I am thankful for... 

A Autumn Breeze. Haha Friends episode, anyone?! I am also thankful for Friends (the show and my real friends!)
B Blog and Boyfriend. Both make me super happy!! 
C Cupcakes. The perfect decorating medium! Especially on holidays!!
D Dreams. Mine are seriously ridiculous. Some scary some random, but always entertaining.
E Edward Cullen. [in the book, movies… not so much]
F Football (college) and Family! Mine is the best!!
G Gchat. What else would I do during the day?!
H How I met your mother. Such a great show!!
I Ice. Freezing cold ice water=delicious!
J Jellybeans. Particularly the Cantaloupe flavor of Jelly Bellys. I ALWAYS pay for them at Wegmans, right boyfriend?!
K Kickball. Great pastime for all ages. Flip cup isn’t bad either in the Dungeon of Love.
L Light Beer. Girls’ best friend.
M Mom and Dad. They are the best!
N Never studying again! Woop woop, seriously thankful I’m a CPA finally.
O Office Communicator. Best way to “network” with fellow KPMG employees all day everyday.
P Photoshop/Picnik. Makes me SO happy.
Q Quarters. And all money for that matter, but quarters are clutch for tolls and meters!
R Relaxing. Nothing better than doing absolutely nothing, especially with the boyfriend.
S Sissy. Having a twin is pretty fun.
T Tights. Perfect for wearing skirts to work every single day, not matter how cold it is.   
U Umbrellas. Preferably the argyle or polka-dot kind. Rain is miserable. 
V Virginia Tech. Best years of my life, love Blacksburg with all my heart.
W Wings. Mild with ranch and celery please!! Def my favorite food in the whole world.
X P90X. The start of my weight loss attempt. (I know, it's a stretch, but X is hard!!)
Y Youth. I’m never growing up. Still obsessed with stuffed animals.
Z Zoo. Such a fun date place! Animals are cute. 

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