Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes and Truffles

My contribution to the dinner party with Madeleine was Cookies and Cream Cupcakes! I got the recipe from Annie's Eats, she makes the most delicious looking recipes!
I made half with Golden Oreos and half with regular Oreos. The Golden Oreo cupcakes were a little bit better, but the regulars were good too. Andrea also took advantage of all our materials and made Oreo Truffles! (Golden and regular). She stole all of the remaining Oreo's, which is why I decorated my cupcakes with chocolate drizzle instead of oreo pieces and crumbs. 


  1. oh my god. the look amazing, i love annie's eats too.. wish i lived in dc to do dinner parties with youu!

  2. i wish you lived here too, Holly!!!!! (consider this an invite! :) )